• Purchasing conditions for specialized artistic websites

If you are a painter, photographer, graphist, desiner or an artist from any art branches, you are aware that you need to be seen. Acquisition of fame and presenting artworks are the main needs for an artist to be successful. It's a given fact that having an efficient website with low maintenance would help you more in your field of art.

  • Metamorphsis

In Elaheh Farmanian’s artworks, the world begins by the face a woman among many other people. This figure which is rather the centerpiece to all her paintings and sometimes is the starting point of some of them can be quite realistic, abandoned, and primitive.

  • Around the Babylon Tower

Perhaps searching for differences in Najmeh Pashaei’s works and replicas is our first way to get a description or to get a definition of her artworks displayed in Homa. In fact, on the one hand, the complete resemblance of her artworks to architectural models makes us compelled to get to know her artworks more.

  • Aghdashloo joined Cheetart

This is Cheetart Auction's honour to have Aydin Aghdashloo ( born October 30, 1940), painter, graphiste , writer, film critic, and one of the most well-known artists in modern art of Iran, as its art manager. Right now, he is the greatest contemporary painter in Iran.