• What is Cheetart?

Cheetart is a virtual platform for making a connection among  Middle East artists and the art lovers outside this geographical area.

  • What are the main sections of Cheetart?

Cheetart's main activities are divided into parts: gallery and auction. Meanwhile, Cheetart has a specific section for publishing the artists' news on the site.

  • What kind of works will be displayed on the site?

In the online gallery section, we will show selected artworks from the works of contemporary artists in the Middle East. We are trying to do our best in presenting and introducing talented but unknown artists to art fans, art collectors, and art buyers. The artworks that has a particular price are available to buy.

  • What is the style of gallery's artworks selling?

Cheetart will select and publish some artworks for art fans in the gallery section. The ones that are available to buy has a specific price in its description part. You have to make an account, choose the artwork into your wish list, and contact the marketing department manager for purchasing it if interested.

  • What types of artworks will be participated in Cheetart's auction?

In this section, Cheetart publishes the exquisite artworks of alive or passed away Middle Eastern artists to take part in the auction. Along with the artworks, there will be released some documentary evidence of ownership and originality of the works on the site. These documents were approved by the ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of government of the Islamis Republic of Iran and translated by the official website of the Iran Judiciary.

  • How can you participate in the auction?

 The customers, art collectors, and the fans of purchasing arts must create a special account for buyers and then submit a letter due to participation in the auction. The letter must be previously scanned from an actual letter with a signature of a true or legal person asking for participation. The content of a letter must specialize a person as a representative one in the online auction who explain your legal status and your institution. Note that, you must mention your web site and email in your letter.

We will contact you through your provided email address after receiving your letter to confirm you. After your confirmation, we will provide you a special account for participation in the auction that makes you enable to participate.

Sometimes, you need to transfer some amount of money in an account that will be identified later for participation. In case you refuse to pay the purchased artwork, this money will be recorded by the Cheetart and delivered to the artist.