Weakness of visual arts in Iran

  • Weakness of visual arts in Iran

As reported by Cheetart news, there are many artists in Iran who quitted creating master artworks, in spite of their talent.

Here is our interview with Samaneh Ahmadi:

Please introduce yourself.

I am Samaneh Ahmadi, born in 1987 and graduate of painting from the faculty of art and architecture of Islamic Azad University. My first exhibition as a member of a group, was held at 2010 and my first solo exhibition was at 2012, both held at Golestan gallery.

 How do you think of visual arts in Iran?

 In my opinion there are some weaknesses.

What do you mean by weakness?

Unfortunately, in recent years many young artists in Iran have been trying to create artworks just for the purpose of selling them, due to financial problems; I think this is very serious and it can affect visual arts of the country negatively. The thing we have to notice here is why is this happening?… the other group of artists who have a more personal vision for their artwork, have no luck to sell their works. Most galleries are trying to make their living by selling masters and works of great artists; of course this is all happening maybe because of different issues such as Iran economy. At very best, most galleries limit themselves to help younger artists, too. There is no motivation left for the creative and talented youth and I believe that it all goes back to lack of both material and spiritual support. At very best when a young artist is given a chance to be seen, many don’t think of selling as a priority for him, however he or she has also material needs as much as others, especially when they’ve put so much time and effort on an artwork…
Each year several galleries start to work while there’s no development in economy of art and no good for artists.

artwork of samamneh ahmadi

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