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  • Kurdish painter

Through the winter and smog at Tehran, Silk Road gallery represents Hawar Amini’s artworks.

Hawar Amini was born in 1982, in Marvian, Kurdistan. He achieved his bachelor’s degree in 2009 at AUI (art university of Isfahan) and in 2012 he achieved the licentiate degree at Tarbiat Modares University.

Since 2010, he started to develop his exhibitions by participating in Art IV (Dubai). By 2016, he has held exhibitions in France, England, Kuwait and Austria. In 11th Iran Photo and 3rd AUI photo festivals he was among the top artists. Amini has presented a formalist and symbolic narrative by his previous artworks, which shows that through time, painters have been affected by their surroundings.

What is more notable on this piece of work is the realistic theme of his photos. He started the process with shooting portraits of Kurdish men which shows his aesthetics desires headed him towards field of expressive, as he named his exhibition Piav. Piav is a Kurdish word for “man”. In statement of the exhibition, Amini introduces Piav not only as a display for man, but also for the struggle of living with unstable life conditions through time. Lines and hollows on the portraits are the reflection of both encouragement and disappointment.

Artworks that are exhibited include more than 70 portrait printed on paper, which are very similar to paintings. Inside the gallery, in a dark room, we are watching a video art. The video shows some Kurdish traditions and their lives and by applying digital equipment and some technics like condensing the colors, frames now worth like paintings, however this has no effect on moving pictures build.

Hawar Amini is a Kurdish painter and the story of his nation is the major theme of his artworks.












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