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Calligraphic painting is a style of Iranian modern painting and contemporary calligraphy which is created by Iranian painters and calligraphist during 70s and 80s. It is considered as a new style of contemporary art and is well accepted in other neighbor countries too. The first idea came from mixing the arts of calligraphy and painting and as a result, sometimes it’s called “Khatashi” or “Khat-Naghashi” (Khat: calligraphy, writing Naghashi: painting).

The basement of calligraphy is clearly visible inside different styles of Iranian calligraphy such as To’aman, Mote’akes, Mosalsal and Toghra and there are also some simple but great works of calligraphic painting reported from a traditional style called “Golzar” and some other artworks from the Qajar dynasty (by Mohammad Qazvini and Ismael Jalayer). However we can fairly say that the beginning for aesthetics and innovation of calligraphy and birth of calligraphic painting was the doctrine of “Saqakhane”. After the revolution of Iran, young artists started to support calligraphy; many of them followed traditional styles and many others tried to come up with new experiences and create something original. During this period, calligraphic painting has also become different and has been experienced inside wider fields.

Faramarz Pilaram, Reza Mafi, Hosein Zendehrudi, Nasrollah Efjeyi and Mohammad Ahsayi played an impressive role to develop this art in Iran. Reza Mafi was known as the pioneer of calligraphic painting and has been very successful at it. Many consider him as the first artist who brought calligraphy on canvas. Influenced by the doctrine of Saqakhane, he was the first calligraphist used the traditional rules of calligraphy in the field of Iranian modern painting. Some people know Mohammad Ahsayi as the founder of calligraphic painting in Iran, because he used to use letters to express. He is a fluent calligraphist and has gained lots of successes in Iran and also across the borders.

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