50th annual Seihun gallery

  • 50th annual Seihun gallery


Seihun gallery is one of the oldest galleries in Iran and during numerous years of activity, many great artists participated in the gallery and exhibited their artworks.

As reported by Cheetart news . Lady Ma’sume Seihun (RIP) played a significant role for development of Iranian contemporary art and as a result, Seihun gallery is now very successful and well-known among Iranian and even international galleries.

Now, after half a century activity of the gallery, we are going to have a jubilee celebration to appreciate her services for art.

A brief description:

Holding an exhibition for veteran artists; generally those who have been introduced and became famous by the gallery and cooperate with Ma’sume Seihun through past 50 years. Exhibition will be held at 2 Seihun galleries with 50 artists, as a symbol of 50 years of activity.

Due to number of artworks and the large size of some of them, duration of exhibition splits into 2 weeks, displaying artworks of 25 artists in each. This way, visitors will come back again each week.

A separate wall is allocated to display photographs taken through these 50 years. In order to gather all photographs together, a link was shared in social media.

Some other events: displaying a documentary film for Ms. Seihun at conference hall of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, orations of well-known artists such as Aydin Aghdashloo, Bahman Farman Ara, Dr. Mojabi, Mashhadi Zade, Vahed Khakdan, Seifollah Samadian, Hamid Pazooki, Afshin Pirhashemi on February 2.

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