An artistic view to Orumeye river's death

  • An artistic view to Orumeye river's death

       Jazr exhibition is the one starting with this sentence, " This is the water's complaint"; therefore, a group of artists gathered together because of it.

       Jazr, one group exhibition,  consists of artists in fields that all have a kind of relationship, blood or non-blood, with the part of nature; Orumeye river to be precise. This group which is a reunion of photographs, painters, sculptors, musicians, etc. use Orumeye river as a kind of metaphor for environment in general, and water in particular. Also each one of these artists has his or her unique point of view to this disastrous event regarding their specific styles and techniques.

        The very first point that catches people's eyes is that some artworks seem vague and meaningless, and their connection to exhibition's aim is rather unclear. However, by considering titles and assertions, their relationship will be elaborated and we can claim that this exhibition is under the control of speech. Consequently, if we omit all these elaborations and titles, then each one of the artworks can accept a varied title as like Hamoon river, Parishan river,... and no connection would be found or seen to Orumeye river.

         Regarding all the above, the artworks of Jazr exhibition is categorized in four groups based on its approach. First group, nostalgic approach, includes a great part of artworks and it is trying to show the red or probably black condition of this river by the artistic use of boats stuck completely in the salt, abandoned summer houses, family pictures, and so on.

         Second group can be named as operational approach. Here, artists try their best to encourage people reflect upon all the existing problems that the river is dealing with specifically or generally.

          Meta-natural approach, the third group, is representing how horrible the distribution of this river, caused by drought, actually is. In this group pictures are showing monsters devouring the river, an unexpected end of the world happening, and a mysterious message waiting there to face its fate.

          The last group but not the least, is the one without any approach. Artworks in this group are strongly connected to the illustrations beside them, or else you would not be able to find a relationship between the pictures and Orumeye river. There are also some artworks in more general senses such as; water, nature, and drought.

          Orumeye river is the second river with salty water in the world and it is the home-place of some peculiar shellfish, the shelter for immigrant birds in North-west of Iran. A river which is unique considering its ecosystem and resources off food that made it totally significant for the native people even after thousands of years and still it is considered as a national property. Therefore, it has an un-replaceable position among people. A position that is fading away because of its gradual construction.













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