The deeper layers of art

  • The deeper layers of art

  Cheetart news indicated that, in the previous week Delgosha Gallery was the host of Mahdi Shiri artworks. This young artists, with the collection of his artworks about life, human beings, nature, and the lifeless nature stepped inside this gallery, trying to display his world and worldwide. This exhibition starts with the small colorful designs and ends with a short animated movie.

   Mahdi Shiri was born and breed in Hamedan, Iran (1368) and this is his second solo exhibition held in Delgosha Gallery. He previously worked on animations but right now he is working on his paintings.

   In the Life exhibition, we are going to see the life coming back to the deeper layers of art. In the first glance, it seems that we are reviewing the modern art history, considering the colorful sheets, fine lines, and structuralism combinations. Sightseeing the gallery, you will notice so many familiar faces, Henri Matisse by his freer lines, curves, and colors; Picasso by his polyhedral portraits; Fernand Léger by his simplified geometrical frames, metal like bulks, and some structuralism combinations; also many other artists.

   The artist, Mahdi Shiri, has made the conjuncture spot on the way that art has passed so far with this gallery. In the past, he relied on the passed ways and the updated modern art trends even before having any connections to the art and his life; which was actually the endeavor to emphasize on the import of various registrations from different artists. Carefully planned scenes, and singular colors have made meta-naturalistic scenes of nature and town. Scenes that pass the time and place_ they are limitless_were and are beyond his strangely shaped worldwide and solitude. However, Shiri pushed away this transitional register, and talked about life dynamically and firmly.

    He could narrate his life time fearlessly, depending on his training, and actually right now he is studying life and art. His smaller works of art on papers or pastels are all appeared in the animation just some time later. He gradually studied about objects and humans surrendering him.

   As he even indicated, Mahdi Shiri came back to somewhere among his life and dynamic and continuous trends of images and imaginations. He put both inside and outside part of life together to simply and honestly portray his experience of life, the objects, his feelings, spiritual effects, losses, and everything that are mixed up with his life, e.g. the history of art, colors, and animation all together. He freely lets to be like everything and every other artists that he admires the most. The ones affected on him, penetrated in his soul, and then helped to make a narration of his life. In my point of view, the way the he stepped inside of it, is a way to produce real things, wasted or not. Still with the help of them all, he can respond to some of his fans' anxiety and make a connection to the reality of life. This approach can have far horizons of fame and economy.

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