What does a horse do on top of the roof?

  • What does a horse do on top of the roof?

     As reported by Cheetart news; Iranian people symbolized horse as sun which was one of the most practical figures, and original animals in mythology of Iranian world.

      The horse has been called the symbol of purity and originality in Avesta. And even this domestic animal has been sworn at in Holy Quran, Adiat sura ( by the horses that march falls their breath..). The presence of horses in inscriptions, stone inscriptions, also silvery and golden tablets among rivers and achaemenid civilization, and the bronze remains of Lorestan show the symbolic and methodological capacity of this visual motif. In the contemporary art, horses have crafted the love story of Iranian world by some artists such as Mohammad Ali Tarqyjah, Jazeh Tabatabaei, Nasser Oveisi, Sadegh Tabrizi, Hossein Mahjub, and so many others.

      This week in Delgosha gallery, we have seen the artworks of Maral Kochak. Eleven oil painted artworks on canvas, along with two metal pencil drawings on papers have been exhibited. Maral Kochak is a young painter who paints under the effects of her life and everyday affections. In addition to her paintings, as a professional painter, she also spends her life with horses and her passion for these beautiful horses is noble. Moreover to aesthetic origins and realistic logic, the presence of horses in the paintings of artists has left a place for an arguably sign system. Combining municipal and private indoor and outdoor habitats makes a noticeable ambiguity for the spectators.

       Aesthetic experience in dealing with an artist's situation, brings about many questions. How a horse and a jockey appear in a living room of a house, rings so many bells and sheds some light on memories to be forgotten. Or the presence of a jockey in a room with the polished black floor and the hanging curtains show the mysterious event that affected the life of the painter.

       Choosing some open angels and using some skewed lines with two points prospective in the inside view paintings do not make a precise connection with horses and most of the spectators face with the incongruity and the pressure of her unrealistic dreams.

      In painting with the vertical framework, the presence of three horse heads on the wall of the entrance, most definitely symbolize the personality of the three characters in the house. Or on the entrance of the brown room, there are two masks hanging along with a horse standing beside the entrance; on the other hand, beyond all these outer spaces lights, the hallucinations of another world empowers itself. The meta-realistic world of the artist is only possible with the considerable understanding of the anatomy of this animal and mastering the element of color. Painting techniques which have been shown in the representation of the natural elements in the drawing, loom as well. Solid lines with clear mental understanding of form and the energy of lines are all indicative of her skills and her accurate training.

        On one hand, artist demands to record the realistic shapes in mysterious implications of her world; and on the other, her distinctive fear to let go the imitative logic of painting screams the mental functions of her fears of life and all its changes. The painter combines anxiety, excitements, and her inner feelings with the originality and beauty of horses to create codes of why she forms her works.

      The relationship of man and horse in the lyrical approach, independent of the functions of this methodological animal, indicates the creative coexistence of these two species. Maral Kochak along with sanctification of this relationship, represents a set of her personal concepts regardless of the concerns of today's media identity.

     Does the artist seek for the representation of a woman's narrative life?

      What does a horse do on the roof?

       What is the difference between black, white, and brown horses in paintings?

       What kind of reality do white masks seek to symbolize?

        These are some questions that engage the spectators' mind to the possibility of pictorial texts regarding the painter.

     The paintings of Maral Kochak is a representation of the mysterious world of the methodological Iranian archetypes.


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