The yard of garden; An introduction to Homa Emami

  • The yard of garden; An introduction to Homa Emami

As reported by Cheetart news; Homa Emami is a well-known artist who controls, extends, and watches her feelings with high sensitivity, then along with her experiences turns them all to a specific form. Her artworks are different, even complicated, or minimal. They are easy to perform, hence sometimes rough. However, they are all intervened with subtle aesthetics in every and each turn. Although she is an expert artist, she avoids using technical techniques to show the essence of elements.

    Homa Emami artworks shape by using a bilateral relation between achieving simplification of the bases of art and the artist's lived observations and experiences. All her works have deep roots in subjects such as our existentialist era, memories, and her experience. This sense only exist in the works of artists who do the art by their heart and the need of their soul. A controlled and reasonable energy can be easily felt in each of her works.

   Her artworks shape through associations; bringing back shared memories and experiences to life that make each spectator lives it through as if patterns jump out of one total ancient memory. As a rule, most of the structures rely on the patterns, for example a leaf connected to a thin branch of tree and the word "garden"  has been written on top of it among a pile of dust. With only a minimal change, the form of life full of memories, and experiences will be reminded; one leaf, one word, wood as a clan and ground. Humble but effective, as it is.

  Homa Emami collects and makes an archive which gives her intuitive insight into a direct and comprehensible understanding of the gathered elements' translation. Collecting and storing is unique to human. Probably because human understands mortality and he is as always eager for immortality and stability; recording one's fingerprint and forming what belongs to her.

  Homa Emami was born in 1334 in West Shah Abad. After finishing her education in sculpturing in the faculty of fine arts of Tehran University, continued her education in Germany. Right now, she is teaching at the school of Music and Art in Bruehl. So far, her artworks have been displayed in most of the museums and cultural institutions of Germany and Europe.

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