Kiumars Kiast, some criticisms on the exhibition of “Insanity Narration” in Sareban Gallery

  • Kiumars Kiast, some criticisms on the exhibition of “Insanity Narration” in Sareban Gallery

Death reveals everything to man. In the lamentable state of life, man lives to find hope and eternity has a mysterious face to him. Man always runs away from inexistence and immortality is a great concern to this mortal creature. The reflection of this wish shows itself in his various manners, paths, and decisions. The art can be one of those defined paths. The art and creation of something fabulous make their creation eternal. Time passes slowly for the objects, thus they can live thorough extended spectrum of time and era and that is how to make something more stable. The man seeks for the eternal beauty in the essence of his one, beloved, and eternal lover to fight the anxiety of existence or inexistence.


When a parent is lost or when it is time to say goodbye to one of his beloved people in his life, only then he truly understands the depth of overwhelming greatness, maddening grief, and astonishing fact. This gives new meaning to life for him. This astonishment made the man to create the most fantastic artworks ever existed. The history reveals his glorious points in these artworks.


This week Sareban Gallery was presenting Kiumars Kiast’s artworks, an outstanding artist, mastermind, and great teacher. Kiast, as a true and sad lover, sought to create some remarkable artworks in confrontation of the loss of his kind wife. He crossed the borders of his sixty-year endeavor and experience in the social art, and honestly showed his peak of thinking and ontology in 25 acrylic artworks on cardboards in confronting the truth of life. The eternal belief and power of this artist in confronting the death reveals the ongoing life. He believes in mankind and with his love in one year, he created some masterpieces. Kiast dependence on truth and reality in accordance with his visible honesty in the modern world will lead this collection beyond the boundaries of today’s art, ignoring the critics and analyses.


Kiast has vast information about the history of art, mythology, and deep point of view for the reality of Iranian art which all leads us to honest but simple trend and artworks. Kiast had hold his first solo exhibition in Tabriz’s Osuli Gallery. He became an international artist by the decade of 1380s. The real staring point of Kiast’s artistic career was since 1350 with publishing the caricature and illustration artworks in Ferdowsi and Negin magazines and Keyhan and Etela’at Newspapers. Kiast doesn’t consider himself as a caricaturist but he believes in his arts as the reflection in today’s human’s life. His idealistic trend arises from his commitment in some ideas that through time got stronger and more stable, going from routines and journalistic to reflection and wisdom. The artist’s insistence in creating new artworks in various contexts is the most considerable factor for the dynamic feature of this genre of art. This collection is presented as “Insanity Narratio’. At the entrance of exhibition, the only colored portrait portraying at the front door was the picture of his lost wife which catches attention. The creation of Kiast’s artworks is a way to show the malformation of human and human formation. The existence of the complicated technic which is mixed with acrylic and printing is happening through a sudden event and some presuppositions of mind. The evolution of the visual element of Kiast’s artworks from line to texture definitely brings his works to full-scale painting. The multiple malformation forms and deletion of some body parts are all representing the insanity state of the artist. In most of the artworks the form of body and their gesture is transforming the message across. The negative space of these solo visage is completely organized. The facial expression and the form of body is showing the inability to accept the truth of that maddening fact and loss. Beside this exhibition, it was a blessing situation to represent of one of the artists’ books which is known as “The excitement of the selected creation” is considerable. This book was one the series of “oral history of Iranian’s art” which is written by Seyyed Amir Soghrati. This book enriches the visual culture of the country and wills for the stronger research body of the visual exhibitions.                     

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