I am an Iranian woman

  • I am an Iranian woman

As reported by Cheetart news, on early days of January an exhibition was held by a group of young Mashhadian artists and painters, in Iran, where many bold and defamiliarizing artworks have been displayed, pointing to issues such as Iranian women, situation of women in the revolutionary society, the role of revolution in Iran’s contemporary history or marital relations and etc.

We had a quick interview with Hanie Sheikh Ahmadi about her artwork:

What does the color red represent in your painting? Do you aim to show the fury and the blood?

Yes, of course. This piece reminds us of the era of war ( the war of Iran and Iraq ) and the rooms are pictured the same except one, the bedroom, whose light is turned red. This can cleverly point to the fact that the anger and fury, Violence has found its way to Iranian couples' relations through war.

It looks like there’s a little mention of women. How come you pictured a woman without Hijab? Isn’t it opposite of the regular situation of women in Iran?

Look, I am an Iranian woman and I decided to represent all of my own characteristics. Many told me to draw the woman with Hijab, but in my opinion the important thing here, is the woman herself and her smile of joy from what she has done. I never wanted to involve Hijab. There are enough of other elements to be noticed in this artwork.

Tell us about your style.

Most of the times, I start with the form and go to the content and I try to make the form complete enough and then, display the content. At this exhibition, digital technics have been used with many different tools. I used spray and stencil in order to shape my finalized work.

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