Tehran's art auction towards success

  • Tehran's art auction towards success

As reported by Cheetart news, The 7.4 million dollar sale in last spring caused Tehran auction house, where is known as Iran’s official auction house, to hold their second auction of the year. Earlier, in last 5 years, only one auction had been held each year and as we can guess, the development of auction is the reason for holding 2 auctions in the same year in Tehran auction house for the first time.

This year we had a wide range of variety for artists and artworks, for instance we had artworks created by Farhad Moshiri, Reza Derakhshani, Monir Farmanfarmayian (the artist who recently held an exhibition at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and had a conversation about it with Frank Stella).

“Representing about 120 artworks, auction house has made it possible for all young, emerging and experienced collectors to participate in the country’s field of art” Authenticated Nina Moadel, the spokeswoman of Tehran auction house, after the auction.

Among dominant exhibited pieces, Moshiri’s artwork is notable, which was priced 200-265 thousand dollars.

Moshiri is a well-known artist who participated in “Art Basel Miami” quite recently and also has a record of 1 million dollars (Bonhams: Dubai).

Some other high-priced works in the auction were done by Manuchehr Yektayi, Farideh Lashayi, Reza Derakhshani and Bahman Mohasses.

“For modern masters we can mention : Sepehri, Tanavoli, Charles Hosein Zendeh Rudi, Mohammad Ahsayi and Yektayi, and for contemporary artworks there are : Moshiri, Derakhshani, Lashayi… and we can also name Pirhashemi and Mahmud Bakhshi” Sami’e Azar on which artists are demanded more and better in Iran’s markets.

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