Suggestion to make a living

  • Suggestion to make a living

According to Cheetart news, the exhibition “Tamam Rangi” which is held at the moment at Iranian Artists forum, is an exhibition with artworks from 76 leading photographers and painters about different subjects. Many artworks have been displayed that were created by a group of artists with different ages and professional records. A group of artists with few “known names” among them; which is why these less known artists are shining lately, as a result of their hard work. Here at the exhibition, some artworks that may catch eyes, are created by masters of art and great artists, like Mahmud Javadipoor, Javad Hamidi and many others, who aren’t among us anymore, but left a huge effect on next generation of art, as it’s visible at Tamam Rangi.



“Art, is sometimes a suggestion. Suggesting us to stare at emptied spaces… to make a living, in a way we want, not in the way it is. Art, is sometimes a reminder. Reminding us of all the things we’ve forgotten due to repetition…” mentioned in the exhibition’s statement.




 Hope is the suggested object at the exhibition, as the title emphasizes it. (Tamam Rangi means a picture that has colors in it, not only black and white) Hope is more understandable on the poster, the little hope (امید) lasted against all dark texts falling on the title. The artworks open a gate towards Iran’s contemporary history, and by history we mean the main structure not artistic masterpieces. The fact that Iranian Artists forum has gathered many artists form different generations, like this is so hopeful itself.

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