About cheetart

In a world where everything is moving towards digitalization, we try to make it possible for the process of acquainting collectors and art lovers with artists and artworks to become online and via internet Cheetart is where artists publish their own artworks, and these artworks will be displayed after our art management has approved them.We welcome all visual artists to publish their works and resume on Cheetart website, and invite collection, art lovers and other artists to rate and score the works of art published on Cheetart based on art standards and principles.This is a competition between artists and their artworks from all around the world by itself.Although the ratings given to artworks may not reveal the true value of the published artworks, but it is an indication of a competition between the artworks from the audience of website point of view. Rating high quality artwork helps collectors and art lovers in purchasing, selecting and even pricing the works. Artists who publish their ways of communication on Cheetart can directly connect with buyers without the need of a broker and an art gallery owner, and sell their artwork to enthusiasts and collectors. Artworks which have received the highest ratings and scores from the audience will be featured in the “Special Artworks” section.Clearly, this is one of the best ways to select and price the top artworks.Artists can register in their own language from several languages around the world on Cheetart website and upload their artworks. Furthermore, news about events such as solo and group exhibitions, contests, competitions, festivals, art exhibitions, biennale, etc., can be published on Cheetart for artists, curators, art gallery owners and organizers in the “Art Events” section, and video option is available for artists who require displaying their videos.Even if you are not an artist, you can follow your favorite artists to find out if a new artwork has been published by that artist. Filtering artworks based on art fields, techniques, styles, etc., allows you to find the artworks you are looking for faster. Although Cheetart is not a social network, it tries to provide a space for both artists and art lovers so that they can fulfill their needs from the facilities provided.On this website, both groups interact with each other, so the work of talented artists are observed, and the top art works are rated, eventually these ratings are reviewed and verified by our art managers and placed at the top of other artworks