1. Images from all the uploaded artworks must first be reviewed by the art manager of the website and must comply with website rules. If these images do not violate the website regulations, in the next level the value and quality of artwork will be reviewed. After the artwork is judged by the art management, those creative, with new style, in accordance with the principles of visual arts and visual beauty will be published on the website.
2. In an ordinary account (A) you can only publish identity information, artworks, and descriptions regarding your artworks which will be visible to other audiences. The purpose of creating an A account is solely for your branding and familiarity of the target community with you, your art style and your artwork. You cannot pursue your economic goals using this type of account.
3. As an artist, you need to activate accounts type B and above in order to publish your contact information and social networks, as well as publishing the price of your artwork, which requires paying a specified amount per year. The fact that you want to identify your communication channels and price your artwork indicates that you are pursuing financial goals. So you need to upgrade your account.
4. If you are a curator, you must select account type …. In this type of user account, you can publish news about art events such as art contests, art exhibitions, festivals and other events in the “Art Events” section on the website which will be available to all artists on the website.
5. Cheetart refuses to publish copyrighted artworks that do not include the name of the original artist. If we find out that an artwork is owned by another artist, the user account of the offending person will be suspended and his/her wallet will be blocked.
6. We are committed to the principles and rules of copyright, and if this principle is violated by our users, the user account of the offending person will be suspended and his/her wallet will be blocked.
7. Avoid publishing pornographic images or artworks (as a picture for an artwork or a profile picture or an account cover).
8. Avoid publishing images with racist and obscene themes toward other ethnicities and religions.
9. Cheetart will remove comments with offensive, racist, pornographic and immoral themes in the comments section, and the user account of the offending person will be suspended for six months if repeated more than three times.
10. Avoid publishing news about artistic events with immoral and obscene themes.
11. You need to have sufficient knowledge about art to rate the artworks, so people without this knowledge or with no background in art will not be able to rate the artworks.
12. Unfair rating results that select the maximum or minimum ratings in all arbitration items will be removed from the total points.
13. Artists with better ratings from artists or art lovers compared to others will be featured in the “Artists Section” of the website as long as their rank allows them.
14. You can post your comments about art works with any titles and account types, but you must have an account to post your comments.
15. If you are a collector, you can be notified of filtered news and information for collectors at the appointed time by specifying this at the time of registration.
16. You are not allowed to enter your contact information and social networking addresses into your type A account. In case you enter the above information, the website administrator will delete them at their own discretion.
17. We allow you to introduce your friends and other people by sharing or posting a dedicated referral link in your profile section. If the number of friends you have invited (only if they have registered on our website and they are active) reaches ten people, we will activate a higher level of account for free for a duration of one year for you.