Aghdashloo joined Cheetart

  • Aghdashloo joined Cheetart

This is Cheetart Auction's honour to have Aydin Aghdashloo ( born October 30, 1940), painter, graphiste , writer, film critic, and one of the most well-known artists in modern art of Iran, as its art manager. Right now, he is the greatest contemporary painter in Iran. 
Know Aydin Aghdashloo more below: 
His art works are famous for portraying the thought of gradual death and doom and also rebuilding noticeable classic artworks in a modern and surreal form. His artworks "Termination Memories" and " Years of Fire and Snow" are the two of the most considerable series of modern art in Iran. 
Aghdashloo started to design, paint and did graphics since his adolescence and became the prominent painter of Iranian books, magazines and private institutions. For a while, he managed the cultural and artistic affairs of "Special Office of Queen Farah Pahlavi"; at that time, he was one of the members who involved in collecting local and universal artworks. He was even participated in initiating Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Reza Abbasi Museum, and managed the latter for a short period of time. After the revolution, Aghdashloo is considered one of the most well-known painting masters for the third generation of modern Iranian painters.
Right now, Aghdashloo has held two private galleries in Iran. The first one was exhibited at Iran-America Society in Tehran on 1975 and the second one in November 2014. In addition to several modern paintings, he has done hundreds of writings including art and film criticism, research about the history of art, and travel literature.

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