Call for Participation in a Group Exhibition in a Prestigious Art Center in Iran

  • Call for Participation in a Group Exhibition in a Prestigious Art Center in Iran

Group Exhibition

Cheetart holds a group exhibition in a prestigious art center in Iran. The Museum of Contemporary Art holds the group exhibition under the supervision of Academy of Art as one of the most important artistic centers in Iran with the experience of holding exhibitions of Iran’s most famous visual artists.

The Academy of Art is a very prestigious and famous art center in Iran. The most famous Iranian visual artists exhibit their works or teach their art in this great artistic organization. The great artistic organization has several large galleries which are among the largest galleries of the Middle East’s state-owned and non-governmental galleries. Every year very prestigious artistic exhibitions are held in this organization. The group exhibition of “Parehaye khial” is held under the supervision of artistic website of Cheetart ( and the Academy of Art in the contemporary arts museum.

This museum is located in a historic home in the central part of Tehran city and so far very great artists have held individual and group exhibitions there. Referees of this group exhibition in photo and photomontage section, and design section are Mr. Mohammad Reza Chaiphoroush and Mr. Saber Soleimani, respectively. Mr. Chaiphoroush is one of the famous and experienced Iranian photographers and Mr. Soleimani is a painter and one of the art deputies at the Academy of Arts.

Intended media:

Painting, Photo, Photomontage, Caricature


For photo section the topic is: Nature (animate and inanimate), ancient artifacts, cities, and urban human handicrafts
In design and caricature section the topic is free.

Work creation date:

The work should not be created before January 2015.
Additionally, copied works are not acceptable and there will be legal consequences of breaking copyright laws and copying other artists’ works for participants. If it is proved that a participant has delivered a copied and non original work to our team, the registration fee will not be returned.

Benefits of participating in this group exhibition:
The works accepted for exhibition will be displayed on a particular page for artist on our website and will be scheduled for sale on the Internet.

Accepted artists from

Entrance fee:

35 Euros for each work
60 Euro for two works
85 euros for three works

Date of submitting works for arbitration:  5 November, 2018

Holding exhibition date:  12-19 November 2018

All works should be submitted in jpg format with a minimum volume of 2  MB

Please send works to this

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