Peace, Friendship and Humanity, the Art Competition

  • Peace, Friendship and Humanity, the Art Competition

       Cheetart has arranged to hold an art competition considering the enormous need of humanity to peace and sacrifice, to show the most beautiful art scenes about peace, humanitarian, philanthropy and preserving the environment.

       Hereby, we invite all artists around the world of two art fields, "painters and photographers", to send their artworks to attend this competition.

       This competition would be held in two categories: "amatour and proffessional", and after finishing the competition, the accepted artworks will be held at a group exhibition.

        Each artist is allowed to send 10 art pieces to be judged.

       The Subjects:

       Helping to irraticate poverty and disease in poor countries, to spread peace and love for humanity around the world, campaign against racial discrimination, creating an information platform to fight and prevent incurable diseases such as HIV Aids or Hepatitis, fighting child abuse and violance against women, helping to change political views that end in violance, and thereby creating an environment of peace and friendship for nations that witness war and bloodshed in their countries, ending the notion of child solders, to disagree with politicians who find war as a solution, loving and cherishing the nature, provide solutions to save animals in the verge of extinctions, encouraging the love for friendship and humanity, and so forth.

    The rules

There is no limits in size and genre.

Submitted images should not be larger than 3000 x 3000 pixels and Should not be less than 1mb.

entry fee:

15 Euro for 3-5 artwork

25 Euro for 10 artwork


Three chosen artists by the judges will get cash rewards.

Help marketing and selling chosen artworks.

The artworks that are accepted for final stage, will be introduced in Cheetart's website.

Helping the artist to become a brand.

Holding a group exhibition from the accepted artworks to the finals in one of the prestigious art galleries in Tehran


       The first prize: 750 Euro

       The second prize: 450 Euro

       The third prize: 250 Euro

       Deadline:  21 June 2019 .

Click here to register.

Finally the results would be sent by Email.

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